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[edit] What is a Wiki, How do I edit Pages?

Please see the following pages at

[edit] Extensions Installed Here

A couple extensions have been installed to this wiki:

[edit] Google Maps

Google Maps Documentation Website. The videos listed on this page give a good overview on how to add a Google Map to your wiki page. Look for the "make a map" button in the editing toolbar to get started. Example: <googlemap version="0.9" lat="55.078367" lon="-104.589844" zoom="3"> 39.023166, -104.876953, Some Random Page The state of Colorado a link to Some Other Random Page </googlemap>

[edit] MediaWiki Widgets Extension

Widgets Documentation Website. Allows you to embed flash videos and more to your wiki page. A list of the installed extensions can be found here. Examples:

[edit] YouTube video:

[edit] Vimeo video:

[edit] Twitter Search:

[edit] Twitter Feed (html):

[edit] Twitter Profile Widget:

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