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Specialties Service garage
Website http://www.lextechautomotivellc.com/toyota-landcruiser-fjcruiser-mechanic-charleston.html
Email service@lextechautomotivellc.com
Phone Number 843-225-5191
Address 1533 Folly Rd., Unit E-2
City Charleston
State SC
Country United States

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Glenn is a member of Lowcountry Land Cruisers (sub chapter of Upstate Cruisers)and does outstanding work for a very very fair price....He owns a 40 and two 80s

Facts about "LexTech Automotive LLC"RDF feed
Has address1533 Folly Rd., Unit E-2 +
Has cityCharleston +
Has coordinates32° 42' 28" N, 79° 57' 57" WLatitude: 32.707751
Longitude: -79.965695
Has countryUnited States +
Has emailservice@lextechautomotivellc.com +
Has phone number843-225-5191 +
Has specialtyService garage +
Has stateSC +
Websitehttp://www.lextechautomotivellc.com/toyota-landcruiser-fjcruiser-mechanic-charleston.html +
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