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This widget embeds a APRS.fi map that can track an APRS station

Created by Dan Linsley for TLC Wiki

Using this widget

To use this widget, add the following code to your wiki page:

{{#widget:Aprs fi

Required paramter:

  • track: The APRS station or object/item name to track, takes a string value of the callsign.

Optional parameters:

  • width: The width of the map in pixels (defaults to 550 pixels)
  • height: The height of the map in pixels (defaults to 350 pixels)
  • zoom: Initial zoom level as an integer value between 0 and 17. 0 will show the whole earth, 17 is the maximum zoom level. Defaults at 11, which is a good starting point.
  • maptype: Initial map type, takes a string value:
    • 'm': Normal map (default)
    • 'k': Satellite view
    • 'h': Hybrid satellite/map
    • 'p': Physical map

Copy to your site

To use this widget on your site, just install MediaWiki Widgets extension and copy full source code of this page to your wiki as Widget:Aprs fi article.

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